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   You think you have what it takes to go on a harvest crew? Explore life on harvest and job opportunities to find out more. Every year we hire a new crew some members have worked previous seasons but for most it is a new experience. There are many skills to learn on harvest, the most important being how to work on a team. On harvest you live with the same team that you work with. At Farris Brothers we want every crew member to learn how to operate every peace of equipment and how to do all the jobs. The work consists of driving, mechanicing, trouble shooting, cleaning, customer/ public relations and productivity management. All of this while maintaining the highest possible safety standards. Being on a harvest crew give an individual a wide range of experiences that prepares them for many different career opportunities.

   The typical harvest season for the crew runs from March to December. When on harvest you live and travel with the crew and equipment. Our crew is usually has mix of backgrounds from all over the country and all over the world. If you are not a US citizen you can still go on harvest but you have to meet some specific agriculture background standards. All of the foreign crew members must go through an agriculture exchange program at Ohio State University. Everyone that joins our crew must be at least 18 years old, have a clean driving record and be drug free. We train every crew member for and expect them to receive a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). If you are interested and have more questions feel free to contact us. Even if our crew is full for the next harvest season we can help you with placement to other crews or give advice on different career paths.

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