Life on harvest
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The Case combine factory is one tour we do every year

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   The harvest season is from March to December. The new crew usually arrives in Edson the 1st of March. The first 5 weeks involves CDL driver training, safety training, training on and preparing the harvest equipment. The next 1 to 2 weeks is involves moving the equipment to Hobart, Ok, training for safety of field operations, and than waiting for harvest to start. In the middle of May we will start cutting wheat. After about 1 week in the field we will clean and load the machine for our second stop in Clinton, Ok which will be ready. In another week we will than move to Protection, Ks and one week later on to Edson Ks. By the end of June we will be cutting at home for 3 weeks then on to Hemingford, Ne for a week. By the end of July we go to Montana for barley harvest first Billings and than in Sweet Grass. In September we go back home for all of fall harvest. Fall harvest consits of Edable Beans, sunflowers, soybean, corn, and milo. Sometime in November we will finish the harvest season. At this point the crew stays for a couple of weeks to clean up the equipment for the next season. All of the harvesting times and dates are completely dependent on weather. When the crop is ripe and the weather dry we are harvesting. All rest breaks and time off are completely at the whim of the weather. 

   Living and working on harvest has a great variety of experiences. The crew will be living, working, and playing together. The living is done in two 48’ crew trailers that can sleep as many as 8 in each but there is only 8 on the crew so everyone gets split between the two trailers. The crew will live in the trailers the whole season. When at home in Edson the trailers are parked next to the workshop where an additional full bathroom with laundry is located. When on the road we park in a variety of spots usually in towns at private spaces that we park in every year. One stop we park on the farm out in the country. When on the road we all do laundry together in large Laundromats. We time this every 7 to 10 days depending on our work schedules and get all of the landry clean in a few hours. At home we have workshops, Rick’s house, Patrick’s house, a Post Office, a grain elevator, and neighboring houses. Some of our meals are home cooked and some are in restaurants. When at home working in the shop we eat in town, Goodland, for lunch and eat In Rick’s house for dinner. When in the field at home we make sack lunches and eat dinner in town and at Rick’s house. All meals are provided for the crew consisting of home cooked meals, restaurants, and grocery’s for breakfasts and sack lunches, .

   Most of our time will be spent working in the field or workshop. When we do have time off we will first rest, cleanup, do laundry, get supplies, and clean our living quarters. When we have that all done, there are many types of trips we take and social activities that we do. Every year we go to the 3i farm show, the Case combine factory in Grand Island, Ne, and we go to Glacier National Park, Mt. As time and interest permits we also have opportunities to go to: Husker Harvest Days, Mt. Evans, Rocky Mountian National Park, Mt. Rushmore, Dodge City Front St., Yellowstone National Park, Coors Brewery, and many harvest related social events. Many years some crew members take a tour of the western US when we are all done in November. This can be skiing in Colorado, Grand Canyon, Vegas, and many other places of interest.


It does snow a lot sometimes. Weather its snow or severe thunderstorms we have to be prepared for it all and sometimes that involves working our asses off to get the job done before the weather gets it done for us.


Glacier Park top, Mt. Evans, CO right and Top of West Butte over looking our harvest field work bottom.

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