In the Media
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   Over the years we have been apart of many media publications and filming. We are a vocal and visible representative of our industry. The commercial postcard on the left is one of us from 1951. Below that is a postcard from the 1990’s done by Case IH. We have been the subject for many marketing campaigns by Case IH and Massey Ferguson. These were for brochures, print advertisements, industry articles and TV advertising. The largest production was for a Case “Be Ready” advertisement which culminated with a full Hollywood production with over 50 people in the field.

   We have also been the subject of many news articles. These have been from small town news paper to national wire syndication. We have been subject of the National Geographic, and Kansas Alumni Magazine. We enjoy working with media group while maintaining a professional safe work environment. This is part of our effort to keep a positive view of our industry with the Ag community, government representatives and regulators as well as the general public.

   We have also been recognized by Case IH as one of their best customers, with the first induction to their 100 owners club in 2007.


   On the left is a Picture of Dylan Winter filming his documentary “Custom Cutters” for the BBC. WE have also been profiled for 2 episode’s of America’s Heartland. Episode 304 and 314 in 2007.

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