Job Opportunities

WE are now taking applications for harvest crew positions

   Up until April we take applicants for this years harvest. The application process consists of a phone or personal interview with Rick. For non US citizens an Application through Ohio State AG Intern Program and than a phone interview. During the interview we will talk about what harvest work will be like and we ask questions about your experiences and your goals. If you decide that we meet your expectations and you meet our needs than we will fill one of eight spots we have on our crew. If you commit to us we commit to you. At this time we will send you a packet of information and work with you on your time of arrival. If we have a full crew or you are applying once harvest has started we can still help with opportunities on harvest either from us or another firm. 

   New crew members without previous experience need to be in Edson in early April. Once we commit to you we want to know about any changes in your plans as it put us in a serious bind if you do not come on harvest and allow us to find a suitable replacement for your position. We are willing to work with all varying schedules but we need to communicate and decide ahead of time to make it work for both of us. So please do not commit to us if you do not plan to keep your commitment.

   We look Forward to hearing from you. Going on harvest is an experience of a lifetime. We maintain relationships with all of our former crew members and go out of our way to support them in any of their future endeavorís. Most that go on harvest agree that it was one of the best experiences that they have done and would not trade that experience for anything else.


At the left: Molly has enough experience in a combine to be able to drive but all she does is chase down rabbits.

The picture on top and the three below are of 1 of the 2 crew trailers. There are 4 bunk beds to a room and 2 rooms to a trailer. Usually only two crew members occupy 1 room.

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